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Kollel Hora'ah of America was instituted in 2014 by Rabbi Mordechai Eisenberg in Marlboro, N.J. with the goal of developing Talmidei Chachomim who are empowered with the skills to utilize and impart their knowledge in a leadership role.

Kollel Hora'ah of America is an innovative and unique program designed for goal-oriented yungeleit who want to learn Halacha in a comprehensive, practical, and usable way. Our Rosh Kollel Rabbi Mordechai Eisenberg, along with his experienced staff, R' Avrohom Beren and R' Shmuel Goldstein, provide Hadracha in the material, as well as Shiurim and Chaburos designed to guide the Talmidim toward the goal of becoming Morei Hora'ah. We cover all the material classically learned for Semicha, as well as the majority of Orach Chaim. The yungeleit also receive practical training that they can apply to traditional, as well as modern day, complex issues.


Our proven method of learning, which follows the direction of Harav Reuven Feinstein Shlit”a, Nasi of the Kollel, has already resulted in a number of accomplished Poskim. It enables the Talmid to Pasken based not only on superficial citation of the Shulchan Aruch and later Teshuvos, but on understanding the Lomdus and basis of the Psak from the Gemara.


Along with the Torah learning itself, our staff provides training in communicating that knowledge to others. Public speaking, Derasha and Shiur preparation and delivery are all a part of the curriculum. Through practice in our community of Marlboro, New Jersey, the Talmidim become skilled in how to explain a Psak to the layman.


Another key aspect of our program is leadership training. Marriage coaching, chosson education, and life cycle event guidance, along with many other areas of leadership, are all important parts of the education we offer.


In addition to the in-house training, the Kollel has recruited experts in their respective fields to provide the Yungeleit with the most current information available. Some of the many areas covered include marriage coaching, public speaking, practical rabbinics, public relations, shechitah, and safrus.


To cover the material in our curriculum would normally require six or more years, and the practical training would require practicing for a long time and taking additional courses. However, because of our intense, focused, and goal-oriented program, our hands-on approach, and the fact that we are embedded in a community, our talmidim are able to attain all of these important goals in a considerably shorter period of time.


Our goal is that after four years, the talmid will be prepared to act as a Jewish leader in any of a host of different capacities. Whether he goes on to be a Rov, Rebbe, or Rosh Kollel, or decides to continue learning and become a Maggid shiur, Dayan, or Rosh Yeshiva or even if he goes into the workforce and paskens for himself, his family and his co-workers, he will not only have broad knowledge and understanding but also the ability and confidence to provide his own special leadership to Klal Yisroel.


Currently working with our fourth Chaburah of yungeleit, we are looking forward to achieving similar success. Having had great Hatzlacha with our first Chaburos, it is our hope that the current group surpasses them, building upon our proven methods.

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