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At the core of the Kollel is our unique Smicha program. Our goal oriented and focused Yungleit have achieved true clarity and breadth in the required areas of Yoreh Deah. The Yungleit have been tested by Rabbi Moshe Heineman Shlit"a of Baltimore, Rabbi Yisroel Dov Webster Shlit"a of Brooklyn, Rabbi Yitzchok Oratz Shlit"a of Marlboro, as well as appointees of Harav Reuven Feinstein Shlit"a of Staten Island. The Yungleit have achieved the coveted Yoreh Yoreh Smicha from both Rabbi Moshe Heineman and Rabbi Reuven Feinstein.


The Brookside Assisted Living facility has provided opportunities for the Yungleit to observe and understand the ins and outs of industrial Kashering. Every year prior to Pesach, Yungleit under the auspices of Rabbi Shmuel Goldstein join the TL Kosher team in Kashering the kitchens for Pesach. This provides an opportunity to experience first-hand the various methods of Kashering, as well as understanding which items require Libun or Hagala. 


Started by R' Yonah Scheiner, Points to Ponder is a weekly newsletter distributed to various Shuls in the Tri-State area. PTP contains thought-provoking essays contributed by current members of the Kollel as well as alumni. Each week there is a timely Vort on the Parsha or upcoming calendar date, as well as a practical Halacha from an area of Yoreh Deah being studied in Kollel. In addition, Rabbi Shmuel Goldstein pens a column on relevant laws found in Orach Chaim. This project allows the Yungleit to develop their writing skills, as well as their ability to organize and present a Halachik ruling in an easily understood manner. R' Sendy Shulman currently serves as Editor-in-Chief.

The PTP has been rededicated in memory of Yoshi Balaban A"h. Mrs. Balaban has taken it upon herself to redesign, and typeset the sheet.

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Being embedded in the Marlboro community allows for the Yungeleit to interact with the community in a positive way. Additionally, it provides opportunities for the Yungeleit to observe and serve in various capacities at varied life cycle events. The Yungeleit have been involved in Brissim, Chupos, Pidyonei Haben, and  Sheva Berachos. As well as R"L Funerals and Shiva houses. These events provide the Yungeleit with the ability to put into practice what they have learned.


From time to time, as a part of leadership training, the Kollel invites people to address theYungeleit on various topics. Among them was Mr, Seth Feldman, an upstanding member of the Marlboro community. Seth delivered a discourse titled" Living in the Mid". He eloquently described the struggles of newcomers to religious observance. Seth vividly painted a picture of the internal struggles of one who has left the start line but is not yet at the finish line. The battles of someone who is living in the mid, someone who knows what needs to be done but is not quite sure how to do it. This class and others like it enable the Yungleit to envision and empathize with the struggles of those under one's care, a crucial ingredient for leadership.



Rabbi Eliezer Gewirtzman Shlit"a presented on the highly relevant topics of end-of-life as well as infertility. Regarding infertility Rabbi Gewirtzman shared when anomalies indicate an underlying issue and the role that a Rav plays in maintaining the couple's dignity and adherence to Halacha while navigating this difficult challenge. 

Rabbi Gewirtzman then addressed the common pitfalls that arise when dealing with the terminally ill. He educated the Yungeleit on what questions should be asked, the correct approach when dealing with medical professionals, and much more. 

Rabbi Gwirtzman


Presented by Rabbi Mordechai Twersky, Hornesteipler Rebbe, founder of TCCI. Rabbi Twersky, through the Twersky Coaching and Counseling Initiative, has pioneered a Torah based approach to marriage coaching. Using the classical Torah sources as the foundation of the ideal marriage, he draws upon his extensive clinical experience as a marriage counselor, having effectively helped hundreds of couples improve their marriage. The course ran for ten weeks covering the basics of communication breakdowns, addiction, abuse, OCD, BPD, and various other issues that may affect a marriage. The Kollel has recently begun its second series of classes.



Mr. Avi Shulman brought his decades of public speaking and life coaching experience to the Kollel. the Yungeleit were taught how to effectively prepare and deliver speeches for all occasions. To further enhance and fine-tune their speaking abilities, the Kollel in conjunction with MTL has provided the Yungleit with various opportunities to address the Marlboro community. The Kollel members have given speeches in the Shul after Shacharis and Mincha. Some have spoken on Shabbos after the Davening, as well as by various life cycle events.


Rabbi Yaakov Guttman, a talmid of Rabbi Landsman Zatza"l, brought Rabbi Landsman's unique teaching method to the Kollel. His course on the basics of Safrus has given the Yungleit the ability to check Tefilin and Mezuzos, as well as Sifrei Torah. In addition, the Yungleit now have the ability to perform minor corrections when necessary. Rabbi Guttman has provided those interested with the opportunity to learn Shechita as well. The Shechitah course covered all aspects of Shechita, from sharpening the Chalef, to Shechting chickens, quail, and ducks.


Dr. David Leiberman, also known as "Dr. Dave", presented an eight-session workshop. This popular workshop focuses on the many barriers to public speaking, and the tools to overcome them. Areas covered include such items as fear, ego, primacy effect, externals affecting internals, power poses, and much more. The Yungeleit have all had opportunities to practice and be critiqued, enabling them to improve in real time. At the courses conclusion each participant was presented with a certificate acknowledging their success. 



Rabbi Eli Kaufman, Rav of Congregation Ohav Emeth of Highland Park NJ, delivered an informative series on practical rabbinics at the Kollel. Topics that were covered included preparing an effective Drasha, dealing with loss and bereavement, family matters, and joys of the Rabbinate. He most recently addressed the difficulties inherent in leading a Kehila during the Yomim Noraim. His classes, drawn from his colorful firsthand experiences, are always well received.


Our Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Mordechai Eisenberg, drawing on his years of experience in preparing newly engaged men for marriage, has crafted a curriculum to provide the Yungleit with the tools necessary to prepare Chossanim for marriage. Incorporating the relevant Halachos intertwined with practical advice, this comprehensive curriculum includes all that is necessary for providing Chossanim with a firm basis for building their own Bayis Ne'eman B'Yisroel.


Rabbi Avi Shafran of Agudath Israel of America gave a three-hour presentation highlighting lessons learned from his over two decades in public service. Rabbi Shafran touched upon many of the challenges facing Orthodox communities vis-a-vis the secular world. He impressed upon the Yungleit the importance of constantly creating a Kiddush Hashem. Rabbi Shafran then related several personal anecdotes demonstrating that the Orthodox community is constantly being observed therefore requiring constant awareness. 


Rabbi Henoch Plotnik, veteran Rav in Chicago IL, addressed the Kollel members on the topic of Duties of the Rav. Drawing on his multifaceted experiences he communicated to the Yungleit the core duties of a communal Rabbi.

Rabbi Twersky
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