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Creating the Leaders of the Future!




Kollel Hora’ah of America is truly a unique institution. Founded four years ago by Rabbi Mordechai Eisenberg with the guidance of Harav Reuven Feinstein Shlita, the Kollel is already making an impact. With a unique approach to the learning of Yoreh Deah, the program enables the Talmidim to achieve true clarity. Beginning with a focus on the sugyos of the Gemara, which are the true root of Halacha, the lomdim acquire the background necessary to apply Halacha to contemporary situations. Among the many advantages of this method is the ability to grasp the reasoning brought forth by the later day poskim and to properly answer shailos. Every day, the yungeleit are presented with clear and concise marei mekomos prepared by Rav Avrohom Beren, one of the Roshei Kollel. These marei mekomos provide hadracha on the limud, enabling the Talmidim to maximize their time.


One of the guiding principles driving the Kollel is the concept that along with knowledge comes responsibility. The Torah belongs to all of Klal Yisroel. KHA is cognizant of this great obligation. Aside from the intense limudim and shimush in psak, the Yungeleit are provided with the tools to transmit their knowledge to others.  Courses in public speaking, communication, marriage counseling and more are part of the curriculum. Taught by recognized experts in their respective fields, these courses provide the ability to teach and guide others, enabling the klal to benefit from all the Torah learned at the Kollel. After completing the program, the Talmidim are poised to be tremendous assets to the klal. Being embedded in a community provides the Kollel with the ability to interact with members of the community, training the Yungeleit in the art of dealing with the various personalities which make up the fabric of klal Yisroel. This also gives the talmidim opportunities to be present and officiate at lifecycle events, which is also an important part of their future responsibilities.


Each morning twelve exceptional Yungeliet travel from Staten Island, Edison, Passaic, and Lakewood to Marlboro, NJ where the Kollel is located. This suburban community is the perfect host location for the Kollel. Far from distractions, it allows the Yungeliet to remain focused on their learning. In addition, it affords the Yungeleit opportunities to observe psak Halacha in action. Shailos from the community are brought to the Rosh Kollel on a constant basis. Observing how he dissects and answers each one is a lesson in halacha lema’aseh. The Morah D’asra, Rabbi Yitzchok Oratz Shlit”a, welcomed the Kollel with open arms and gives freely of his time in answering questions and farhering the yungeleit. This powerful combination of hadracha and unwavering focus allows for the Yungeleit to truly grow. In just three and a half years the Yungeleit cover all areas of Yoreh Deah traditionally learned for smicha. In addition to Yoreh Deah, the Kollel enjoys the shiurim of Rabbi Shmuel Goldstein on Orach Chaim.


This past spring the Kollel celebrated a historic milestone, its inaugural chag semicha. Ten qualified young men each received a ksav semicha signed by Harav Reuven Feinstein Shlit”a. This was in addition to the ksav semicha which they received from Harav Moshe Heineman Shlita of Baltimore. In the short time since our yungeleit have been sought after to fill various positions in service of the klall. Our graduates are currently giving shiurim, teaching in Kollel, and involved in outreach. Some have been tapped to lead projects, rehabilitate kashrus organizations, be part of a Rabbinic team for an infertility organization, and help with organizational development. the Roshei Kollel have been approached by communities and kehilos across the country, seeking talent to fill various positions. All this demonstrates the tremendous need for a program like this. Kollel Hora’ah is ready and able to fill this void and cultivate the leaders of the future.


For more information about the Kollel, call 732 610 7186



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