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... yungeleit develop the unparalleled ability to understand both the expanse and nuance of halacha in perfect balance with modern sha’alos. This gives each of them the tools to apply this wisdom in whatever calling they choose. 


“I’ve seen these young men when they begin learning at the kollel. And I see them when they leave. The amount of growth they achieve as speakers and teachers is phenomenal,” describes Rabbi Yitzchak Oratz, who leads the community in which the Kollel is based. He continues, “They are highly qualified and bring considerable ruach to what they do, whether it’s learning a sugya one-on-one, being part of the minyan, or giving over a d’var torah in shul. They are ready to be leaders.”


“I think what makes the Kollel unique, is the way Rabbi Eisenberg sees each person. He’s able to see your strengths, the ones you may not know you even had in the first place. And by seeing their existence, he brings them into real world application,” adds Yossi Stern, who attended KHA for three years before joining the Miami Beach Community Kollel, where he now leads regular shiurim for the community.

He explains, “I’d like to use the skills I’ve gained at KHA to give back to the community, helping others find the strength they need in their own lives. Either by becoming a Rav serving at the frontlines of Jewish life, or by engaging in some form of social work.”


On September 17th, KHA is partnering with families and the community, in a 24 hour matching campaign to raise $280,000 to help yungeleit continue to take the lead. Starting at 2:00 pm., every dollar given to the campaign will be quadrupled thanks to the generous support of like-minded community members who believe that real leadership starts with real understanding.

To join with the KHA community and Take the Lead, please visit

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