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Rabbi Mordechai Eisenberg, Rosh Kollel

Rabbi Eisenberg, a musmach of the Beis Din of Yerushalaim and of Rabbi David Feinstein Shlit”a, has been a Rov and Rosh Kollel for over ten years. During this time, he has run chaburos of yungeleit in halacha using a method very similar to the one at Kollel Hora’ah of America, and tested many others as a bochen for Rabbi Reuven Feinstein. Previously, he was a shoel umeishiv for beis medrash bochurim. Residing in a Kiruv community in Marlboro, NJ, Rabbi Eisenberg delivers classes, gives derashos on Shabbos, and paskens shailos for hundreds of families both within the community and around the world. Rabbi Eisenberg is also certified as a Shalom Bais coach by the Twerski Coaching and Counseling Institute, and has prepared many chassanim for marriage in halacha and hashkafah.


Rabbi Eisenberg learned in Yeshivos Staten Island, Telshe Chicago, and Reb Dovid Soloveitchik, followed by many years in Kollel in Yeshiva Staten Island, Beth Medrash Govoha, Reb Dovid Soloveitchik, and Rabbi Dovid Segal (under the auspices of Rabbi Don Segal).


B"H our first Chaburah of Musmachim has surpassed expectations. Each and every one of them has obtained the coveted Yoreh Yoreh Semich from both, HaRav reuvain Feinstein שליט"א and HaRav Moshe Heneiman שליט"א. Our graduates have gone on to serve the Klall in many varied capacities. Whether in Harbatzas Torah, Kiruv, Kashrus, Rabanus, Kollel, or any other field we are confident in their abilities to impact the community at large.

Contemporary Leadership Based Upon Timeless Values

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